How does sponsorship work?

FTTF literally couldn’t do what we do without our wonderful foster homes. However, we hear from many people who cannot physically foster a dog but would like to help. We understand fostering is not possible for everyone, so our sponsorship program (formerly virtual fostering) is a great option for you to help a FTTF Adopt-a-Bull without the day-to-day commitment of fostering.

Through our sponsorship program you cover the cost of basic care for $70 per month. This is a recurring donation that is automatically deducted each month for as long as you wish to sponsor your chosen dog – the length of your sponsorship is up to you and your contribution is tax-deductible! If your chosen dog is adopted, you may choose to continue your sponsorship with another dog or cancel. Visit our Adopt-a-Bulls page to view the dogs in need of sponsors or start sponsoring your dog today!

Are you a business owner?

Your business can help too! Contact us to learn about our sponsorships for businesses!

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