How does sponsorship work?

FTTF literally couldn’t do what we do without our wonderful foster homes. However, we hear from many people who cannot physically foster a dog but would like to help. We understand fostering is not possible for everyone, so our sponsorship program (formerly known as virtual fostering) is a great option for you to help a FTTF Adopt-a-Bull without the day-to-day commitment of fostering.

Through our sponsorship program you cover the cost of basic care for $70 per month, through a recurring donation automatically deducted each month for as long as you wish to sponsor your chosen dog. The length of your sponsorship is up to you and your contribution is tax-deductible! If your chosen dog is adopted, you may choose to transfer your sponsorship to another dog or cancel.

By participating in the FTTF sponsorship program you can directly make a difference in the life of one of our Adopt-a-Bulls and provide support for the rescue to continue to save more dogs!  Contact us to learn more about sponsorship or begin sponsoring the dog of your choice today!

Payment Options



Monsieur is sponsored by Lecia Baum.

Monsieur is a 14-year-old gentle man who was surrendered to the pound after his owner passed away. Luckily, he will be spending his remaining time much-loved as a FTTF dog in an incredible foster home.


Stella was found living outside in a hole she dug in the dirt. She was filthy, neglected, and scared, with health issues and demodex mange. However, now she is a happy girl and fun-loving Forlorn dog.
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Momma’s owner passed away in 2011. Arrangements had been made to bring her and her brother into the rescue at that time. Her brother found a home right away, but Momma is still in foster.
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Buzz is sponsored by Beth Moseley.

Buzz is a laid-back, gentle giant weighing over 80 lbs. He loves affection and is happiest relaxing on his bed or rolling around in the grass! He has megaesophogus which is handled through diet.


Blind Joey is sponsored by the Shpigel Family.

Joey is a happy boy who is loving life in his foster home! He is currently undergoing heartworm treatment and will be available for adoption when he is fully recovered.


Riblett is sponsored by Jennifer Williams.

Riblett is a sweet little pocket pittie who is a little shy at first, but sweet as can be. She does best in an only-dog home but will make a great companion and best friend for a lucky family.


Smudge has been wth FTTF looking for his forever home since 2016. If you’re looking for a pup to make you laugh, he’s your guy! He is a goofy guy who loves to play around.
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Kali has been with FTTF for nearly 4 years, since she was a small puppy. She is a fun-loving, energetic girl who loves playing. Kali was born to be someone’s running or hiking partner!
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Tonya is sponsored by Lisa Chaisson.

Tonya had an injury to her rear right paw and a horrible case of kennel cough when she first came to FTTF. She is now a happy, healthy girl, packed with personality and energy. She loves to run and play!


Samson and his mom came in as part of a cruelty case in 2013. Previously adopted to a wonderful family, Samson was returned earlier this year when his military dad was stationed overseas for an indefinite time.
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Stubbs is sponsored by Lecia Baum.

Born without an elbow, Stubbs front leg is unusable. He still is able climb stairs and zoom around. He is a goofy boy with a big smile! He does well with other dog, but his favorite thing is human affection.


Deno is sponsored by Iris Grimm.

Deno is a handsome boy now, but he wasn’t as handsome when he first joined FTTF, covered in ticks, oil, and a bad case of demodex mange. Now he is playful, obedient and loves hiking and car rides!


Bobbie is sponsored by Stephanie Stanley.

Bobbie is a very sweet and loving. He was rescued from a dog fighting ring in 2009 and released to rescue after his owner plead guilty. Always smiling, Bobbie continues to look for a forever home.


Clyde is sponsored by Whole Nutrition.

Dumped in a park, Clyde was picked up by another rescue. He became a Forlorn dog when he was at risk when his adoptive parents were deployed. He is a big, happy guy that loves getting his belly rubbed.


Sarah is sponsored by Daina Sulaitis.

Rescued from a dog fighting bust, Sarah has been through hell and back. Despite her scars and old injuries, she has thrived during her time with FTTF and loves everyone!


Kyle is sponsored by the Jablonowski Family.

Seized from a dog fighting ring and held in a legal battle, Kyle spent years in boarding. Once the court case was over, Kyle was scheduled to be put down and came to us. He will steal your heart with his kisses.


Shelby is sponsored by Christie Williams.

With wiggles and enthusiasm, you’d never know Shelby arrived in bad shape after being used as a bait dog. She doesn’t meet a human stranger, but her past keeps her from doing well with other dogs.


Adopted from AC, Stone was passed around until he found himself back there again. We were able to pull him and give him some stability. His size can be intimidating but he is really a silly guy.
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Jiggy is sponsored by Emily Cornwall.

Jiggy was hit by a car and brought to animal control with neurological issues, leaving him with a permanent head tilt. However, he is not slowed down by this and loves life with long walks.


Ginger is lovingly sponsored by Brian & Tina Drummond.

After her owner’s death, Ginger became scared and irritable toward those trying to care for her. However, once Jason brought her home her demeanor changed. Now she is low-energy and easy to care for.


Gweeb was the runt of a litter living outside in very cold, poor conditions. He would not have made it without the intervention of rescue. He is an awkward goofball who keeps you laughing with his antics.
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Cleo is sponsored by the Melissa Mastroni.

Cleo was part of a litter of pups who came into the rescue a couple years ago. She’s a beautiful girl with fur like velvet and very smart. Shy at first, Cleo is sweet as can be once she warms up to you.


Boss has a tragic past, rescued when his owner committed murder. He was adopted but returned after he ruptured a disc, needing emergency surgery. He pulled through, with just a wobbly gait to show for it!
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Found on the side of the road in bad shape, it took Holly a while to heal physically. She still shows the emotional scars when meeting strangers but once she trusts you she is a very loving girl.
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Squiggy is sponsored by Crystal Cash.

After being held in a cruelty case, Squiggy was finally released to FTTF. He’s a small, pocket pit packed with a big personality! Squiggy is always happy, affectionate and giving kisses out freely.


Pixie is sponsored by Lee King and Rachel Zick.

Pixie was shot in the face and her owner did not have the funds to treat her. With the bullet removed, she is now a confident and happy dog willing to give all the love she has in return for snuggling!


Dumped and completely hairless, Lacey needed help. Now she is living with her foster and getting the help she needs for her skin. She is a friendly girl loving all creatures big and small!
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Tyson is sponsored by Kristi Shiver.

Confiscated in a cruelty case, Tyson was in poor health, the worst being diagnosed with a heart condition, Valvular Pulmonic Stenosis. He is not fully cured, but that doesn’t stop his playful antics!


Bodhi is sponsored by Michael Schimmang.

Bodhi means awakened, and that describes this boy – he lives life to the fullest! He was just a puppy with demodex mange when he came in but now has grown to be a handsome, fun-loving dog.


Queeny is sponsored by Iris Grimm.

Queeny was born in the animal shelter after her mom was confiscated during a drug raid. The only surviving pup, she is a very happy and well-behaved young girl just waiting for a family of her own.


Watson was found with an embedded collar and hearworm positive. Now, healed and healthy, he is a big love of a guy who is an expert snuggler, enjoys car rides and hanging with his people.
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Jigsaw is sponsored by Daina Sulaitis.

Jigsaw came to us from a dog fighting bust in Macon, Ga in rough shape with a rougher past, but you wouldn’t know it from all of his tail wags and smiles. From now on, all this fun guy will know is love!


Sunny is sponsored by Iris Grimm.

Sunny had a rough start, coming to us with healed injuries and appeared to have been bred many times. However, this sweet mama is calm, well-mannered, great with kids and now looking for her perfect family.


Rubble is sponsored by Bill Stanley.

Rubble was picked up as a stray and ended up in a shelter that doesn’t adopt out pitbulls. Luckily, FTTF came to his rescue and is playing at the Pitbull Palace while he waits to find his forever family.


Eve was hit by a car and brought in as a stray. She had a broken pelvis,hip,front leg and had demodex mange. She had surgery to fix her broken bones and is now awaiting her happy ever after.
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Cassie is sponsored by Brenda Hall.

When Cassie was found she had been attacked by multiple dogs. We were unsure if we would be able to save her mangled leg but, fortunately, her leg healed up and she is ready to find her own couch to crash on.


Nugget was abandoned in a vacant subdivision with his siblings when they were puppies. His siblings have since been adopted but, Nugget is still looking for a permanent lap to curl up in.
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Jackie is sponsored by Hybrid Impact: Greg, Greg, Ray & Alicia.

Jackie was seized in a cruelty investigation and caught our eye while Jason was temperament testing the dogs who were seized. Jackie is a pocket sized ball of fun and loves everyone.


Bambi was found at only 10 days old in a shed with her mother. Bambi was the only one to survive out of the litter. Bambi is great with other dogs and would make a fantastic dog for any family.
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Saga was found at an abandoned apartment with two other dogs who had badly attacked her. She is looking for a forever family who can look past her scars and see her for the beautiful girl she is.
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Bailey was injured pretty badly after being attacked by her kennel mates at the pound. She will have scars as a reminder of her past, but this sweet girl’s future looks bright for a forever home.
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Rey was found after being hit by a car and was brought into a local shelter. Her lower rear leg was broken in several places and was surgically repaired by our vet, but she is now healthy and ready for a home of her own.
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Amos was chained up in a backyard and turned in to AC after he was attacked by another animal. He had a terrible abscess on his handsome face, but his wound healed and he is now ready for adoption.
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Aria & her puppy were taken into an animal control facility that does not adopt out bully breeds. We pulled the family and her baby was adopted shortly after. Aria is full of smiles and ready to light up your life.
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Charlie’s young owner sadly passed away and the family did not want to keep him. Thankfully, we had a foster family step up for this sweet boy so we were able to take him into the program.
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Hailey ended up at a rural AC, scheduled to be euthanized because the shelter was full. She caught the eye of one of our fosters so we pulled her in hopes she could find a wonderful family one day.
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Stella was suspected to be pregnant, but it turned out she wasn’t and instead actually had a horrible case of heartworms. She is now healthy and ready to be your running partner or couch buddy.
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Brady was loved by his owner, but they both ended up on the streets and was turned into the shelter when his owner could no longer care for him. This lovable guy is in a great foster home, dreaming of a forever family.
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Gerbert was turned in as a stray at the shelter. He was unable to walk and a horrible skin condition. His mobility & skin have improved greatly and he is ready to look for that perfect home.
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Mayday is incredible – even the AC officer who brought her in thought “she may be the best dog in the world”! This pretty girl is healthy, happy, and looking for her forever family to take her home.
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Fabio came from a cruelty case, a black pitbull with many scars. Although most would look at him and be frightened, Fabio is a handsome boy to us. He will be ready for adoption when he is fully vetted.
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Newman was found starving and ended up at a shelter that doesn’t adopt out pitbulls. He is on the mend, has an amazing temperament, never meets a stranger, and would make a great new family member!
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