Why should you adopt?

There are many reasons why you should choose adopting over buying a dog. However, in our opinion, the most important reason is that you will be saving a life. In fact, you will be saving more than one life because by adopting you will be making room for the rescue from which you are adopting to save another dog.

Our Adoption Process

We want to ensure each and every one of our dogs goes to an excellent home, so we have a very thorough adoption process. Here is a brief overview of what you can expect when applying to adopt a FTTF dog:

1. Adoption Application – After you submit your application, it will be assigned to a volunteer on our application team. This volunteer will reach out to you to confirm we have received your application and handle the processing and review of your application. You can find our adoption application here.

2. Review – Your application is reviewed by our application team and board. This includes vet check, reference check and property ownership verification or landlord approval. We not only take into consideration your history as a responsible pet owner but if the dog(s) for which you have applied may a good fit for you. If we feel the fit isn’t right, we will let you know and make some suggestions of other dogs which may work. Please know our #1 priority is placing our animals in the right home for them. Even if you are an exceptional applicant and dog owner, you may not be the right home for the dog you want. Our team will be honest with you about this and help you find the best dog for your family.

3. Meet & Greet – Meet your potential new dog! This step can happen at adoptions, the foster family’s home, or sometimes during the home visit. Think of it like a very casual first date to see if you want to move forward with the relationship. If you currently have dogs or other pets, we do not recommend doing dog introductions at adoption events as that environment is already stressful for many dogs. Dog introductions should be done carefully in a neutral environment.

4. Home Visit – Once your application is approved, the next step is a home visit. Your home doesn’t have to be spotless and it is totally okay if it looks like you live there! We just want to ensure it will be a safe environment for your new dog and you are prepared for your new addition.

5. Foster-to-Adopt – If your home check is approved and you are ready to welcome your new family member, the next step is to start your foster-to-adopt. During the FTA, you will essentially be fostering the dog for FTTF. It helps you and the dog get to know each other and make sure your new dog is right for your family. We will provide food, preventatives and any other medications needing during that time. The $300 adoption fee is due at the start of FTA but is refundable in the event you decide it is not working out and you do not want to proceed with the adoption. FTA typically lasts around two-weeks for adult dogs; for puppies, this will last until they are spayed or neutered (around six months old).

6. Finalization – The last and best step! You love your foster dog and want it to be part of your family forever! Let your adoption coordinator know and we will begin to prepare your adoption packet. This will include the adoption contract and some other paperwork, including the microchip registration and medical records. This will be mailed to you along with instructions and a pre-stamped and addressed envelope for returning the completed paperwork. Once the adoption is finalized, the dog is officially yours!

Available Dogs

We have many FTTF Adopt-A-Bulls waiting for their forever homes to find them. From puppies to older dogs, we may just have the right dog for you! Take a look through our available dogs!

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Adoption FAQs

Have questions about adoption from FTTF? The answer will probably be found in our Adoption FAQs. If you still don’t see what you need, feel free to send us a message!

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