Third-Party Fundraising Policy


Friends to the Forlorn (FTTF) is extremely grateful to our friends and supporters who wish to host fundraising events and/or opportunities to benefit our organization. Any individual or organization (outside of FTTF) that organizes and hosts an event, promotion, sale, or donation drive benefitting FTTF is defined as a “third-party fundraiser” or the “organizer”.

In order to support the success of third-party fundraising events and to avoid conflicts with FTTF’s donors, sponsors, supporters & followers, or other events already planned, the following policies should be observed:

  1. FTTF is the beneficiary – not a sponsor – of third-party fundraising events. Promotional materials that use Friends to the Forlorn’s name and/or logo should incorporate the following statement: “All proceeds to benefit Friends to the Forlorn Pitbull Rescue, Inc.” or “A portion of the proceeds to benefit Friends to the Forlorn Pitbull Rescue, Inc.”
  2. If there is a request for FTTF representation, signage, volunteers, and/or adoptable dogs to be present during a fundraising event, this request must be made in writing via the FTTF Third-Party Fundraising Need Request Form and submitted to at least sixty (60) days prior to the date of event. Submission of this request does not guarantee the request will be granted.
  3. The third-party event organizer is responsible for all vendor agreements, contracts, insurance, and necessary permits for the event. FTTF will not assume any type of liability for a third-party event, including liability for any injuries sustained by third-party event volunteers or participants related to an event benefitting FTTF.
  4. The fundraiser organizer is responsible for its own marketing, including writing and distributing press releases, PSA’s, social media postings, invitations, ads, etc. FTTF may not be misrepresented as a sponsor, host, co-host, or organizer of any third-party event and any use of its brand property, including but not limited to name, logo, mission statement, photos, and videos, may not be used without written approval from Friends to the Forlorn Pitbull Rescue. All promotional and marketing materials must be reviewed and approved by an authorized FTTF representative prior to distribution. Please allow up to seven (7) days for review.
  5. Third-party organizers of supply donation drives are encouraged to contact Friends to the Forlorn prior to beginning the drive to determine the organization’s most critical needs.
  6. Third-party fundraising organizers are responsible for the management of all expenses and income related to the fundraising event or opportunity. Any financial proceeds intended for FTTF must be submitted within thirty (30) days of the conclusion of the fundraiser, unless otherwise agreed upon between the organizer and FTTF.
  7. Friends to the Forlorn retains the right to decline or disassociate with any event or fundraising opportunity if it conflicts with its mission, values, fundraising efforts, welfare of the organization or its animals, or creates a negative impact on the community. Furthermore, FTTF reserves the right to refuse to accept funds gained through means which violate these guidelines or go against our organization’s ethical or moral standards.

What FTTF Can Do:

  • Advertise and promote through the events and/or blog section of the FTTF website.
  • Display marketing materials (at our discretion) at adoption or other FTTF-hosted events, as appropriate.
  • Acknowledge the efforts and/or donation through our social media channels, newsletter, and/or blog section of the FTTF website after the fundraiser has ended, as appropriate.


What FTTF Cannot Do:

  • Advertise and promote through our social media pages, newsletter, or other channels not specifically mentioned in the “What FTTF Can Do” section. This includes creating and/or co-hosting event pages on Facebook.
  • Provide funding for costs associated with any third-party fundraiser, including events.
  • Provide tax receipts for donations not made directly to Friends to the Forlorn Pitbull Rescue.
  • Allow use of FTTF’s tax ID number for the intent of the organizer obtaining a discount or waiving tax.
  • Give access to FTTF’s database of donors, adopters, fosters, or other contacts.