Gordo's Story

February 2014 (Adopted December 2013)
Thank you for my card celebrating my adoption. I am a happy boy and love my family very much. They love me back just as much. Since I was adopted in 2013, another pit has joined our family in 2014, so I have three siblings – two pits and a couch potato basset who is almost 13. I am the biggest of the pits. I have a few too many pounds, too, which means I don’t get as much food as I wish. I am still as handsome as I was the day I came. I love toys and am an expert at dumping everything from the toy basket. I also enjoy taking toys from Loni and Pea, the other pits. We play chase and tussle, but at night we snuggle together in Mommy’s bed, sometimes almost pushing her out. Please come and visit us!

Atticus/Gordo & Family

December 2013 (Adopted December 2013)
Atticus continues to be wonderful for our family. He and Loni are best friends. They share toys and frequently play a rousing round of tug-o-war. The cuddle for rest or sleep and they speed around the yard chasing squirrels. Kate has mellowed and will even join the fun, though she grumbles if Atticus gets in her face. His only vice is occupying space in my bed. He wants to snuggle with me and squeezes between little Loni and me. Atticus appears to be fully house broken, waking me once most nights to go outside. I cannot tell you how much I love him.