Dollar's Story

December 2014 (Adopted February 2014)
Late in 2013 we began working with Friends to the Forlorn to search for a companion for our 10 year old pitbull Katie who had just lost her jack Russell/Chihuahua mix brother earlier in the year. Thru Katie our passion for pitbulls had grown strong and we were certain that we were ready to add to our pack and help a pitbull in need. Our admiration for Jason and his work inspired us to contact FTTF for assistance and we were so glad that we did so.

Jason’s team worked diligently in our search. Providing both detailed info on dogs that we had seen on their website as well as offering several options within the FTTF family that would be a great match for our family. After much deliberation we decided to meet with a pup that had been in the FTTF family for quite some time and was eagerly awaiting his forever home. We knew that our pup Katie would make the ultimate choice but we very hopeful that we had found a match!

We arranged a meeting with Dollar and his foster Mom and our journey together began. The pups were both excited and wondering what this was all about and soon became fast friends. We just new this big goof ball was going to fit in very well and after much quality time together and completing all of the required checks we were able to add Dollar to our family. We feel as if he has been with us forever and can’t imagine life without him!
Dollar and Katie are inseparable and live life to the fullest every day! Dollar loves to run and play with Katie, enjoys long walks with his pack as well as to curl up on the couch surrounded in a plush blanket. Dollar is a sweet and loving pup that has gained confidence every day and has learned to embrace new experiences and looks forward to new adventures.

The highlight of the year was a long family vacation at a dog friendly beach this summer. We went to the beach to play every day and fun was had by one and all! We look forward to the years ahead and creating more fun memories with our much loved pups. After all that is what life is all about!

Pam Wills and Debbie Harris