Kiwi's Story

July 2015 (Adopted May 2015)
I will never forget the day Kiwi was first brought to me as our next FTTF foster. She had big yellow crazy eyes, wonky ears, a wiggly happy butt all while she was suffering from a terrible case of mange. I’ll admit, I cried when I first saw her and I cried again when she ran up and gave me puppy kisses, as if saying “I’m okay, Mama”. We fostered Kiwi for nearly 8 months. We watched her blossom from a stinky bald puppy into a beautiful 1 year old dog that is sweet, affectionate, loving, and extremely smart. In that time, Kiwi became best friends with one of our dogs, Blue, as well as learning her place in the pack with our other dogs and learning the house rules. She figured out the cats don’t really like puppy play and has since decided to snuggle them instead. While Kiwi was finding her way in the home she also found her way in to our hearts. We loved her and knew she was meant to be with us not as a foster but as a family member. She is my hiking partner, my snuggler at bedtime, the first one to say good morning to me, my baby girl. We are forever thankful to FTTF for saving her and allowing us to be her happy ever after!!

Carey Thomason, Kiwi’s Mom