Memphis' Story

April 2015 
Just wanted to let you know that Memphis is doing really well. My husband and I just had twin boys in December and he has really embraced the babies. He stands by the door to the nursery every morning and runs in there to be there when we wake the boys up. He is always trying to get close to them and lick their toes and just wants to be near them. We obviously have to keep a close eye on Pippa and won’t let her be around the boys if we can’t supervise her, so sometimes we separate Memphis and Pippa in the other room. Memphis is so attached to the boys, he whines until we let him back in so he can see them. Its very sweet and I believe he is very happy having two new brothers.

It turns out that Memphis is a super fast runner. My husband Harrison does 5k road races and enters Memphis to run with him when allowed. They are undefeated together! The picture attached is of them accepting one of their first place trophies.