Miami's Story

December 2014 (Adopted November 2013)
I saw my FTTF adoptee, Miami’s photos before Jason was even able to pull her from Fulton County. She was heartworm positive, had a huge cyst on her neck, and needed to be spayed. I wanted her before I ever met her. I had 2 dogs and not quite 2 1/2 year old son at that time. I kept trying to talk myself out of adopting her, but my heart would not let me. I cried and begged my husband and Jason for her. It was one if the best things I ever did. Miami is an amazing dog who, as my son says, has “magic love powers.”  It’s true. She does. She is a big clown with a heart of gold. She is a gentle old soul. She makes people who barely even like dogs fall in love. She is a true ambassador for pit bulls. She has also been an amazing helper for 2 foster dogs I have had. Precious heart! I am so lucky to have her. Thanks FTTF for giving her a chance.

Susan and Miami