Volunteer Spotlight: Jackie Britt

Meet Jackie!

Volunteer, Foster, Adopter

Current Pets:
Our permanent residents are Lola, female pitbull mix and head honcho, and Fievel, male pitbull mix foster fail and sun worshipper. We are also fostering Nugget, a two-year-old male pitbull mix and snuggle monster, through FTTF.

How long have you been volunteering with FTTF?
3 years

Were you involved in animal rescue prior to volunteering with FTTF?

What made you decide to volunteer with FTTF?
Respect for the organization, its mission, and positive reputation within the rescue community. It was recommended by other long-time rescuers.

What are your primary FTTF volunteer roles? Do you have any favorite tasks?
I’m primarily foster & chief greeter at adoptions 🙂 My favorite is “raffle ticket rep” at Bingo: I make sure everyone KNOWS it’s in them to WIN!

What do you enjoy about volunteering with FTTF?
Surrounded by a team that is just as passionate about advocacy & pitbull rescue as I am. It’s a family.

What would you tell someone looking for a place to volunteer who is considering FTTF?
Your time, money, sweat equity will pay dividends in every part of your life!

Do you have any favorite volunteer stories or events you would like to share?
Visually seeing & feeling the community support of our mission at Candlelight Vigil is a visceral reminder you are part of something bigger, and that it makes a difference.

How has being an FTTF volunteer made an impact on your life?
My husband & I share in this experience…our friends, family, coworkers all know and support our involvement. Your involvement isn’t just you, it’s your entire tribe…that impact grows with every new volunteer.


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