Dog of the Week: Amos

Meet Amos!

By Rebecca Sorrel & Travis Grooms, Foster Parents

Why did you decide to foster Amos?
The rescue got an urgent plea to help Amos. He was 41 pounds (he is now at a perfect weight of 65 pounds) and had a hole in his neck from being attacked by another animal, which caused a bad skin infection on his neck and chest. You couldn’t see his left eye because he was so swollen. He was a forlorn dog and he needed us.

Does he have any nicknames?
Moose, Moosehead, and Meat

How would you describe Amos in three words?
Cuddly, Active, Smart

What is his favorite thing?
Cuddling and getting belly rubs!

Describe Amos’ perfect day:
Amos would love to go to the lake and play fetch with some floatie toys in the water; then, go home for a nice long nap that involves him lying on top of you on the couch.

Describe Amos’ ideal family:
Amos gets along with other dogs and loves children. He would do well with an active and strong owner that will continue to train with him and provide endless cuddles.

Interested in making Amos part of your family?
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Dog of the Week: Bambi

Meet Bambi!

By Rebecca Sorrel & Travis Grooms, Foster Parents

Why did you decide to foster Bambi?
Bambi and her mom were found in Henry County. Henry County Animal Control does not have an adoption program for pitbulls. On top of that, Bambi was only a few days old which meant her immune system was very weak, which is not good for a newborn puppy. We already had another foster at the time, but she hadn’t even been given a chance at a good life and we wanted to give her that.

Does Bambi have any nicknames?
Bambles, Little Bambino, Bamble Wambles, The Little Golden Nugget

How would you describe her in three words?
Bubbly, Active, Sweet

What is Bambi’s favorite thing?
Being outside!

Describe Bambi’s perfect day:
Going for many walks and playing outside all day, and lots of treats throughout the day.

Describe her ideal family:
Bambi loves other dogs, cats and kids. She would do great in any home that is willing to give her time to adjust to being in a new home and take her for walks in the neighborhood.

Interested in making Bambi part of your family?
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Dog of the Week: Molly

Meet Molly!

By Mike & Andi Edwards, Foster Parents

Why did you decide to foster Molly?
We originally chose to foster Molly because it was suspected that she was deaf, and we had experience with owning/training deaf dogs. Though it turned out, thankfully, her hearing is fine! We were still glad to have a spunky puppy around for company and to play with her foster sister, Aria. Those two entertain each other all day long, and Molly has been wonderful for the rest of our pack. Bringing her puppy energy into the mix means that playtime lasts all day long!

Does Molly have any nicknames?
We love a goofy nickname around here. Molly is usually called ‘Molly Moo’, but also occasionally ‘Motor Moo’ because she is ALWAYS moving!

How would you describe her in three words?
Spunky. Active. Smart.

What is Molly’s favorite thing?
Molly loves ALL of her Kong toys. She doesn’t have preference as far as style – she just has to have them ALL. Molly carries the jumbo bone and tug toy to her bed and lays on them while chewing on her teething jigsaw. Once she is done with her jigsaw, she grabs the tug toy and brings it to whoever is closest, and insists on a game immediately. She is always playing!

Describe Molly’s perfect day:
Molly’s perfect day would begin with lots outside play with her foster brothers and sisters, followed by a big bowl of water that she can drink and splash in (she’s a little messy – we think she might be part hippo). After lots of running and wrestling, she would love a long walk around the neighborhood to meet all the dogs and sniff all the plants. A light lunch followed by some behavior training (she loves boiled chicken, and this is when she gets it) then would kick off an afternoon in the playroom with her pack, chewing on Kongs and sleeping in her beanbag. She loves a cuddle bed! After a short nap, she would want to play a game of tug with her human foster sisters, and then probably go back outside to wrestle with her pack again. The only thing she asks is that you don’t give her a bat h- she worked hard for that tired puppy perfume smell and would like to wear it to bed! 😉

Describe [Dog’s Name] ideal family:
Molly would be ideal for a family with teenagers or older children, and she would love to have a fur sibling to mentor her and play with. Molly enjoys rough and tumble play, so a younger dog would be ideal. She loves to explore, but is still learning the ropes of potty training and manners, so her family would need to be patient and understanding. Mostly she needs someone who will appreciate her happy attitude and laugh at her antics!

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