Adoptable Dog: Vega

Meet Vega!

By Ashley Ake, Foster Mom

Why did you decide to foster Vega?
Vega’s goofy silly girl antics are infectious. Couldn’t resist fostering to help this beautiful girl find her forever home.

Does Vega have any nicknames?

How would you describe Vega in three words?
Beautiful, goofy, energetic

What is Vega’s favorite thing?
Playing outside and chewing on bones.

Describe Vega’s perfect day:
Doggie daycare with lots of friends to play with. Then bone chewing and snuggling the night away with family.

Describe Vega’s ideal family:
Active family willing to provide her with lots of exercise, walks, and toys. No cats. Easy going temperament canine playmate.

Interested in making Vega part of your family?
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Dog of the Week: Rey

Meet Rey!

By Tricia Walker, Foster Mom

Why did you decide to foster Rey?
Well, I am a total sucker for brindle dogs, but really there is a giant pet over population problem in Georgia. Rey was hit by a car and ended up at Animal Control in Fayetteville. Once her stray hold was up she was going to be euthanized due to her broken leg.

Does Rey have any nicknames?
Yes! Fats, Hippo-Dippo, Fat Puppy, Chub-pub and Mush. She’s a big dog, that’s just her body type, but none of it is muscle.

How would you describe her in three words?
Playful, goofy, loving

What is Rey’s favorite thing?
Chicken fingers.

Describe Rey’s perfect day:
I think that’s pretty easy. She would probably like to go for a run, chase her buddy Bumble Bee around the backyard, go out to eat with us and then end the day with some couch-bone-chewing-snuggle time.

Describe Rey’s ideal family:
Rey would love a family who will include her in whatever they’re doing. She’s also truly good in public and would love it if her family took her to brunch and for walks when the weather is nice. She’s already had a rough start to life and is currently one of several foster dogs, so she needs a family that is going to make her their number one. She loves to be by your side, cuddle, chew her bone and is pretty attentive to her human.

She’s only about two, so she has a lot of playful energy. She loves to play with toys and is pretty obsessed with other dogs. However since she’s a 75 lb puppy, so whoever adopts her will need to work on her manners. She doesn’t always realize how intimidating she is to other dogs and could use some coaching on what appropriate play is.

Overall, whatever family adopts her will be very lucky because there isn’t another dog like Rey.

Interested in making Rey part of your family?
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Metro Atlanta Pitbull Rescue Wins $50,000 Grand Prize in National Fundraising Competition

Friends to the Forlorn Pitbull Rescue took home 1st Place among Tier 1 organizations in the Michelson Found Animals’ Fifth Annual Saving Pets Challenge, raising $198,257 and winning $57,795 in cash grants. Funds received through this competition will go toward building the organization’s own shelter.

ATLANTA, June 15, 2018 — Friends to the Forlorn Pitbull Rescue, a non-profit rescue organization, won 1st Place in Tier 1, and raised more funds than any other participating organization in this national month-long fundraising competition, receiving a total of $256,207 in donations and grants. FTTF previously competed in the Saving Pets Challenge in 2016 and placed 2nd overall.

“It’s a good feeling when people tell you to chase your dreams. But it’s an amazing feeling when they actually show support for your dreams. Raising this money brings us that much closer to meeting the needs of our community and the dogs who need us,” said FTTF founder, Jason Flatt.

All funds raised and won are going toward the organization’s shelter capital campaign. Over one million pitbull-type dogs are euthanized in shelters nationally, over 2,000 pitbulls per day, mostly due to overpopulation. Building its own facility will allow FTTF to grow their rescue, educational, outreach, and spay/neuter efforts to combat pitbull overpopulation within the Metro Atlanta community.

Facility plans include state-of-the-art sanitation and energy features, spacious indoor and partially-covered outdoor runs, on-site veterinary care, and multiple play and enrichment areas. Current estimates for Phase I are around $2,000,000, with a goal to break ground by 2021. To date, nearly $480,000 has been raised toward this capital campaign.

Learn more about Friends to the Forlorn’s shelter plans and capital campaign:

About Friends to the Forlorn Pitbull Rescue, Inc.

Founded by Jason Flatt in 2009, Friends to the Forlorn Pitbull Rescue is a volunteer-based 501(c)3 rescue and animal welfare organization based out of Dallas, Georgia. The mission of Friends to the Forlorn is to do all we can to better the world by changing the world for pitbulls, other animals, and sometimes humans. Focusing on pitbull-type dogs, FTTF has rescued and found loving homes for over 600 dogs, and spayed/neutered over 5,000 pets at no cost to the community.

Media Inquiries
Lori Ragan Harkey

Dog of the Week: Pennie

Meet Pennie!

By The Tucker Farm, Foster Parents

Pennie is lucky enough to have been fostered by two of our rockstar foster families, The Tucker Farm and Sarita Vaughn. This has made her an even more well-rounded puppy because she’s gotten exposure to different dogs and children.

Why did you decide to foster Pennie?
We love the experience of fostering and the joy each new foster brings to our lives. At only four months old, Pennie and her litter mates have already had to beat parvo. We wanted to give her the shot she deserves to have a great life. Although she is a little reserved at first, she warms up pretty quickly and will give you puppy kisses.

Does your foster dog have any nicknames?
The Tucker Farm kids call her “Puppy”!

How would you describe her in three words?
Sweet, Shy, Gentle

What is her favorite thing?
She loves curling up in laps!

Describe her perfect day:
Pennie loves playing with toys and spending time with our other dogs.

Describe her ideal family:
Pennie would love a family with another dog who also loves toys! She’s also a sucker for kids.

Interested in making Pennie part of your family?
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