Adoptable Dog: Moxie

Meet Moxie!

How did Moxie end up in the Forlorn Family?
Moxie, formerly known as Penelope, was surrendered to Henry County Animal Control. She belonged to a military veteran, struggling with his mental health. Moxie is deaf. He had her trained on a shock collar, but he let her off leash and would shock her at a high level until she cried in order to find her location. This poor man who served our country and was unable to take care of himself let alone a dog so Moxie ended up at Animal Control.

Does Moxie have any nicknames?
Crazy town.

How would you describe her in three words?
Energetic. Smart. Determined.

What is Moxie’s favorite thing?
She loves to play with her kong toy!

Describe Moxie’s perfect day:
She loves to be anywhere where you are. She loves to snuggle, but is content to sit next to you and chew on her kong.

Describe Moxie’s ideal family:
She would love an active family. Her new family would also have to be understanding of the challenges that come with owning a deaf dog. Due to her high energy level small children may not be a good fit for her.

Interested in making Moxie part of your family?
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Friends to the Forlorn Pitbull Rescue Hosts 6th Annual Candlelight Vigil & After Party on November 3

SEPTEMBER 25, 2018 (ATLANTA, GA) – The 6th annual Candlelight Vigil and After Party will take place on November 3, 2018, at the Strand Theatre in Marietta. The event is hosted by Friends to the Forlorn Pitbull Rescue, Inc. Atlanta rescue & welfare partner organizations, advocates, and pet families will come together to do more to help animals. Join animal welfare leaders and celebrate the collaborative success in honor of the animals we were not able to save.

“I always thought someone should do something about that…then I realized, I am that someone”, describes founder Jason Flatt. Be part of the Forlorn Family and be that someone too.

This kid-friendly event includes a FREE screening of The Champions documentary, meet and greets, and educational sessions with Best Friends Blood Bank, Dog Safety for Kids with Millie Travis, and Dog Nutrition from The Good Dog Company & Shoppe. The Candlelight Vigil event is also free and will be followed by a celebratory party. The guest speaker for this year’s Vigil is Jamie Beuhrle: pitbull mom, advocate and wife of MLB pitcher Mark Beuhrle, whose family is featured in The Champions.

The After Party will feature a silent auction, raffle, food by Ibiza Catering, and music by Kristin Tinsley. After Party tickets start at $25 for general admission, $60 for VIP, $10 for kids 7-14, and free for kids 6 and under. Sponsorships opportunities are available.

For more information & tickets visit

About Friends to the Forlorn Pitbull Rescue, Inc.

Friends to the Forlorn Pitbull Rescue, Inc. (FTTF) was incorporated in 2009 as a non-stock, nonprofit corporation with Federal Tax Exemption as a public charity under Section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code. FTTF relies solely on donations for the care of the rescued dogs admitted into our organization. Our mission is to promote responsible pitbull ownership, provide breed education, combat pet overpopulation, fight unfair legislation, find qualified homes for sound pitbull-type dogs and other dogs in need in Georgia, and help people and animals within our community. FTTF has rescued and found loving homes for over 600 dogs, and spayed/neutered over 5,000 dogs and cats at no cost to the community. FTTF recently kickstarted a trap-neuter release (TNR) program for feral cats in Paulding County.

Media Contact:
Lauriel Leonard



Adoptable Dog: Cammy

Meet Cammy!

By Mandy Mashburn, Foster Mom

Why did you decide to foster Cammy?
My husband and I had recently moved into our house and were working on getting settled before taking in a new foster. That was until we saw her rescue video from the animal control officer’s body cam and she absolutely broke our hearts. We immediately knew that she needed to be our new foster baby!

Does Cammy have any nicknames?
Cammy Cam, Cam

How would you describe her in three words?
Sweet, silly, and spunky

What is Cammy’s favorite thing?
Just being with people honestly. She likes her toys and to go on walks, but mostly she just enjoys company and being loved on. Car rides are also high up on her list!

Describe Cammy’s perfect day:
Taking a car ride, going on a nice walk, play date with some doggie friends and just relaxing the rest of the day at home. Lounging on the couch chewing on some bones and just being her silly self!

Describe Cammy’s ideal family:
I would describe her ideal family as low-key, who just enjoy some good ‘Netflix and chill’ days here and there. Another dog or cat would be nice, Cammy likes to give doggy and kitty kisses to her furry friends!

Interested in making Cammy part of your family?
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Adoptable: Dog Phoenix

Meet Phoenix!

By Brandy Stout, Foster Mom

Why did you decide to foster Phoenix?
He needed someone immediately for medical attention and to show him love. His story really broke our hearts and we were committed to getting him the best care for his recovery.

Does Phoenix have any nicknames?
We call him Bit Pit which has morphed into Bippit.

How would you describe him in three words?
Resilient, smart and sweet

What is Phoenix’s favorite thing?
Laying on my feet and treats

Describe Phoenix’s perfect day:
Laying on my feet all day intermixed with brief burst of wrestling with his foster sister Sweet Pea. He’s pretty calm for a puppy!

Describe Phoenix’s ideal family:
His main request would be someone who is home a lot. He does not like to be left alone, ever, and is not a fan of the crate. Although, he will go in and lay down when he knows he has to, but has separation anxiety. He needs someone patient because he does occasionally get scared at noises he doesn’t recognize and bark. Very small kids may be too much for him due to his past trauma.

Interested in making Phoenix part of your family?
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