Three Easy Ways to Help FTTF

A common misconception is that Friends to the Forlorn receives government funding or has a bunch of wealthy donors. In reality, though we do run on donations, the vast majority of our supporters are normal, every day people like you who give what they can, when they can. We are able to do what we do because our extended Forlorn Family, which reaches into the 3000+ people, have donated even just a few dollars to our efforts. Below are just a few ways you can help us by donating a small amount or through activities or purchases you are making anyways.


Sign-up for $2 Tuesday
Commit to donate just $2 each week and help FTTF keep going! If all of our supporters sign-up for recurring donations, you could help us raise thousands every single week!
Sign-up and Donate


Register for Kroger Community Rewards
Raise money for FTTF just by doing the grocery shopping you’re doing anyways! Choose FTTF as your organization and a portion of what you buy gets donated back to us!
Enroll in Kroger Community Rewards


Shop with Amazon Smile
Another way to help us by doing your normal online shopping. We know you love Amazon Prime like us! Just choose FTTF as your organization when you shop online with Amazon!
Shop Amazon Now

Visit our How You Can Help page to learn about additional simple ways to help FTTF grow!