Adoptable Dog: Brady!

Meet Brady!

By Stephen & Tawni, Foster Mom and Dad

Why did you decide to foster Brady?
He was on the euthanasia list, but Tawni and I had previously met him and knew he was loving and gentle so we decided to bring him home.

Does Brady have any nicknames?
Patron (original name), Brady Boy, Buddy and Bubba

How would you describe him in three words?
Snuggler, Loyal, goofy

What is Brady’s favorite thing?

Describe Brady’s perfect day:
Sleep in, eat a special kibble and egg breakfast, go for a long walk, nap, swim, chase a ball or play tug, nap, get the zoomies and run in the yard, play with a doggie friend, nap, eat dinner with some kind of meat on top, snuggle.

Describe Brady’s ideal family:
Brady would do well with a dog friend that can match him in his medium size and energy level. He would be best with a family that has teenage children, but no cats. He loves to hike, swim and play and most of all snuggle. He is a delicate little soul that wants to please his people and also loves to learn new skills.

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Adoptable Dog: Tyson!

Meet Tyson!

By Danielle Rivera, Foster Mom

Tyson is a 4.5 year old Staffordshire Terrier, American Bull Dog, Presa mix (A DNA test was done). Tyson weighs 95 pounds, and is a big old teddy bear. Tyson loves to cuddle, play with other dogs, or just hang out on the couch. He is great with children & cats.

Tyson is a confident, outgoing boy who loves to play. He loves people and is happy to greet anyone with his puppy like enthusiasm. He is housebroken and crate trained. Although he has a heart disorder, you would NEVER know it upon meeting him as he has zero outward signs of a heart condition. He has no physical or activity restrictions so he is happy to play with other dogs or go for walks and adventures with his people!

Tyson has lived with another large male Pit and a female Pit Mix and he does great with them. He can often be found playing with them or snuggled up with them in a pile. His favorite toy is anything with a squeaker, but above all, he loves treats! A Kong filled with some yummy peanut butter is sure to keep him busy for a while. Tyson is also very smart, especially when treats are involved. He knows sit, down, wait, and come. He has yet to turn down any food given to him, although sweet potato chews, cheese, and broccoli seem to be his favorites. Tyson would likely be fine with children, but he does like to jump up when excited. He is also a cat friendly guy!

Tyson now has annual visits to the UGA Cardiology, every January. We graduated from every 6 months. At every visit the Doctors run an echocardiogram, to check his pressure gradient. Everything still looks fine. Tyson has started episodes of syncope, which causes him to faint for a few seconds when his gets overly stressed. This is part of his condition, and has only happened two times now. He recovers within a matter of a few seconds, and it is not harmful to him. Tyson loves going on walks, and hanging with his foster family. This poor boy seems to always get overlooked because of his size, and his condition. Tyson deserves a loving person/family of his own. He is a great boy, and just needs someone to give him a chance. Can you believe that in his 3 years in rescue no one has been interested in him??

Update May 2016 – FTTF oversees Tysons care at GVS and UGA for his heart issue. His follow up echocardiogram earlier this year revealed his heart function severely declined. Tysons heart was pumping at 4 times the normal rate and he had to undergo a 2nd Valvoplasty at UGA. This time around, UGA added 5 days of radiation to his treatment. The radiation is experimental, but UGA has had some great results with it in the past. Tysons surgery and radiation took place at the end of April. He has recovered well and is back to his incredibly silly and sweet self. He will have a follow up echocardiogram in a few months to see if the 2nd surgery with added radiation made improvements to his heart function. You would never know upon meeting him that he has a heart condition. We are going to do everything we possibly can to ensure he has a fighting chance at the longest and healthiest life possible.

Tyson had a DNA test done and these were his results!

American Staffordshire Terrier 25 percent

Perro de Presa Canario 25 percent

Bulldog 12.5 percent

Mixed Breed 12.5 percent

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Adoptable Dog: Chester

Meet Chester!

By Elle, Foster Mom

Why did you decide to foster Chester?
Chester caught my eye at Fulton County Animal Services January 2017 because he looked like a manatee in his intake picture. I spent the next 6 months taking him out and letting him have long weekends or weeks out of the shelter. He was adopted on his 6 month anniversary. Unfortunately, 13 months after his adoption he was found as a stray again. Fulton County Animal Control was at max capacity, so I brought him home to foster. I reached out to FTTF to see if they would take him, and they said yes!

Does Chester have any nicknames?
Nah, Chester is the only name that suits him.

How would you describe him in three words?
Spazzy, smart, and snuggly.

What is Chester’s favorite thing?
He loves to get kisses on his muzzle, and he loves doing zoomies in the rain.

Describe Chester’s perfect day:
Morning zoomies, standard breakfast with maybe leftover sausage if foster mom goes to Homegrown, walk on the Atlanta Beltline learning leash manners, snuggles on the couch, play time with foster sister Zoey, dinner, and more couch snuggles

Describe Chester’s ideal family:

His ideal family will be willing to dedicate time to training. He is very smart and is relearning the good manners he had prior to his failed adoption.

He cannot be in a home with any cats inside or out. Older children to teenagers would be best as he doesn’t know his size. He does require a fenced in yard because he sometimes refuses to do all his business on a leash. He is currently in a home with two small dogs, and one medium female dog, however he has been hesitant meeting new dogs after his failed adoption.

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