10 Reasons Why You Should Adopt a Pitbull

Let’s just get the pink elephant out of the way now: Pitbulls have a bad reputation. This stereotype is just that – the “big, scary pitbull” stereotype is a foolish theory, just like most stereotypes. No matter the breed, every dog’s mentality and temperament are shaped from the story of its life and environment combined with its genetics. Are they the right type of dog for everyone? Of course not. Being a pitbull owner requires commitment, a thick skin, and an even bigger heart. What a lot of people don’t know or fail to realize, is that in the right hands, pitbulls can be the most caring and affectionate pet you’ll ever have. They have big personalities and are very loving, loyal, easy to care for, hilarious, trainable, and more. They truly encompass everything a great dog should be!



Pitbulls are extremely affectionate, loving, and devoted animals. Their zest for life is truly infectious. They like to cuddle, wiggle, and give you kisses. And, don’t forget about that incredible pittie smile! Pitbulls are smart and very in-tune with human emotion – they like to remind you regularly of how they much they love you. Pitbulls have a ton of personality and appreciate their owner’s attention and approval more than anything. You truly can’t have a bad day with a pitbull. Why? Just take one look at them – their huge smile and flopping tongue will undoubtedly make you smile as well.



Repeat: No matter where you are, the bed or the couch, cuddling IS mandatory! Pitbulls are GREAT cuddlers, so you may need to consider a different breed if you aren’t a fan of snuggling up close with your dog. We’re pretty sure pitbulls have a cuddle gene in their DNA, because impromptu cuddle sessions are very frequent and necessary!



Pitbulls are lovers! Since the 1900s, pitbulls were given the title of “Nanny Dogs” because they are natural caretakers. Many tend to show particular affection towards children, understanding their vulnerability and being a warmhearted companion to them. This is also why they make great family pets, because they are so devoted to their family. It’s always super encouraging to watch someone’s reaction when meeting a loving pitbull, especially when the pitbull is better behaved and affectionate than other dog breeds that they have experienced. Of course, it is worth mentioning all dogs should always be supervised when around children, regardless of breed.



Pitties make sure you never go a day without smiling. They are goofy and love to make us laugh by clowning around. They are natural entertainers, whether that’s their intention or not. Their expressive faces and charming antics make them great companions. Pits are fun and playful – even as they get older, they love to play around. They are extremely friendly, always wagging those big tails and quickly bond very strongly to their owners.



If there was one word to describe a pitbull, it would be “loyal”. When you visit a shelter, you won’t find another type of dog that is happier to see you than a pitbull. A best friend is all a pitbull is searching for, and they are eager to quickly grant that honor to you when you choose them. Still doubtful? Reach out to Friends to the Forlorn and come meet a few of them; our dogs will undoubtedly speak for themselves.



Pitbulls are easy to work with and super smart; they learn quickly and pick up proper training very well. They crave consistency, structure, and strong guidance from their human. Give them that and watch them thrive. Pitbulls have gone on to become therapy and service dogs, agility champions, search & rescue dogs, and even military heroes. Pits are great listeners and, when their training in consistent, they will amaze you with their obedience skills – and maybe teach you a thing or two as well!



Pitbulls can be very sociable dogs. Many love meeting people and even other animals. They are eager and quick to make new friends and are typically quick to trust others. They tend to love human contact, so if you’re a people-person their friendly personality is a perfect companion match for you. When your pittie sees you being social with another person, they will often follow your lead and treat your friend in the same manner with plenty of kisses, wiggles, and excitement, which is also another great way to spread the awareness about how great pitbulls truly are.



Pitbulls are typically athletic by nature and generally love to exercise just as much as they love to lay around and snuggle on the couch. Their drive for activity, stimulating the mind as well as burning off some energy, helps to keep their owners active as well. They are muscular and fit, and typically excel in agility and weight-pulling. If you are looking for a new jogging partner, a pitbull could be your dog! Just be aware their shorter snouts can cause them to be sensitive to heat, so know the signs of overheating and be prepared with lots of water and cool air. No worries if you’re not a runner, pitbulls are also happy with a walking pace. Many pitbulls also love to swim if you have the opportunity to provide them with a cool pool, lake, or even creek. They just need to exert their energy and prefer to do so while bonding time with their owner – you’ll instantly notice how happy it makes them!



As a diversified dog, pitbulls typically have had the advantages of vast and extensive genetics. The ancestors of pitbulls were working dogs due to their strength and long life expectancies, descending mainly from farming lifestyles. Minimal grooming? Yes, please. With short coats, pitbulls only shed moderately and just require regular bathing, nail clipping, and ear cleaning. They don’t tend to have health disorders like some other large dog breeds thanks to often having DNA made up of different types of dogs, and, as long as they exercise regularly, they are normally satisfied living in any home setting.



When you adopt your pitbull, your life will never be the same. It will be changed forever because from that day you bring your pitbull to their forever home, they will return the favor and spend every day of the rest of their lives rescuing you right back. They cling to their owners with fierce loyalty. They will stay by your side all day and night, giving you all their love, and are there for you no matter what.


It’s so unfortunate that there is an extreme overpopulation of pitbulls and simply not enough good homes to offset the need. Whether it be encouraging responsible ownership, supporting spay/neuter, providing proper training, or educating owners so they can keep their pets, we all have to work together to save these amazing animals and help them spend their lives in loving, furever homes. At Friends to the Forlorn, our goal is to help them do just that!

Thankfully, there are a lot of people who have joined us in educating the public about the breed and are helping to dismiss the negative stereotypes and false myths. Even if you aren’t able to adopt just yet, please take this opportunity to spread the word about wonderful pitbulls really are. Spreading awareness and education is crucial to saving the lives of the dogs we love.

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Dog of the Week: Molly

Meet Molly!

By Mike & Andi Edwards, Foster Parents

Why did you decide to foster Molly?
We originally chose to foster Molly because it was suspected that she was deaf, and we had experience with owning/training deaf dogs. Though it turned out, thankfully, her hearing is fine! We were still glad to have a spunky puppy around for company and to play with her foster sister, Aria. Those two entertain each other all day long, and Molly has been wonderful for the rest of our pack. Bringing her puppy energy into the mix means that playtime lasts all day long!

Does Molly have any nicknames?
We love a goofy nickname around here. Molly is usually called ‘Molly Moo’, but also occasionally ‘Motor Moo’ because she is ALWAYS moving!

How would you describe her in three words?
Spunky. Active. Smart.

What is Molly’s favorite thing?
Molly loves ALL of her Kong toys. She doesn’t have preference as far as style – she just has to have them ALL. Molly carries the jumbo bone and tug toy to her bed and lays on them while chewing on her teething jigsaw. Once she is done with her jigsaw, she grabs the tug toy and brings it to whoever is closest, and insists on a game immediately. She is always playing!

Describe Molly’s perfect day:
Molly’s perfect day would begin with lots outside play with her foster brothers and sisters, followed by a big bowl of water that she can drink and splash in (she’s a little messy – we think she might be part hippo). After lots of running and wrestling, she would love a long walk around the neighborhood to meet all the dogs and sniff all the plants. A light lunch followed by some behavior training (she loves boiled chicken, and this is when she gets it) then would kick off an afternoon in the playroom with her pack, chewing on Kongs and sleeping in her beanbag. She loves a cuddle bed! After a short nap, she would want to play a game of tug with her human foster sisters, and then probably go back outside to wrestle with her pack again. The only thing she asks is that you don’t give her a bat h- she worked hard for that tired puppy perfume smell and would like to wear it to bed! 😉

Describe [Dog’s Name] ideal family:
Molly would be ideal for a family with teenagers or older children, and she would love to have a fur sibling to mentor her and play with. Molly enjoys rough and tumble play, so a younger dog would be ideal. She loves to explore, but is still learning the ropes of potty training and manners, so her family would need to be patient and understanding. Mostly she needs someone who will appreciate her happy attitude and laugh at her antics!

Interested in making Molly part of your family?
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Dog of the Week: Joey

Meet Joey!

By Danielle Rivera, Foster Mom

Why did you decide to foster Joey?
Joey was brought into Fulton County Animal Services as an owner surrender, with a padlock around his neck and a chain dragging behind him. Audrey at FCAS shared how sweet he was, and that his time was up. Seeing his shelter photo of him skinny, alone, blind, and scared hurt my heart. My family has a soft spot for special needs dogs. Blind Joey has something special about him that touched my heart, and made me want to save him, and I am so glad we did!

Does Joey have any nicknames?
Yes! We call him Joey, JoJo, and Joseph.

How would you describe Joey in three words?
Calm, Loving, Friendly

What is Joey’s favorite thing?
Joey loves naps! He is such a calm, quiet dog, and just loves to lay near his humans and catch a couple of zzzz’s. He also loves filled bones! Cheese and peanut butter are his favorite.

Describe Joey’s perfect day:
Joey would wake up around 10am, maybe 11am, then go for a nice car ride, come home and get some breakfast, and take a nap. Then, in the afternoon, go for another car ride, hopefully to PetSmart to explore and get a new bone, or take a walk, chew in his treat filled bone, and then take a nap. Wake up, play with the humans a little, have dinner, chew on his bone some more, possibly go for another walk around the neighborhood, then get ready to curl up in bed next to his human, turn over for some belly rubs, and fall asleep.

Describe Joey’s ideal family:
Joey would do best with older humans that will have patience with him. He is a great, calm dog, but does get startled easily when in public, which is why it may not be best for him to go into a home with small children. Humans that don’t move around a lot, or move the furniture around often would be ideal. Joey adapts to his new environment quickly, but will bump/run into things that are not in place, such as shoes left out, bags, a chair that is not pushed in like normal, etc. Joey loves belly rubs, and likes to quietly play in a small area with his humans. He has a favorite stuffed Simba that he will throw up in the air and try to catch. He LOVES car rides and belly rubs. Joey is a great walking companion, but would most likely not be a good hiking partner. Joey is the calmest foster dog we have had, he is very easy going, sweet, and lovable, and would love a family or person of his very own.

Interested in making Joey part of your family?
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Dog of the Week: Matilda

Meet Matilda!

By Stacey Greenwald, Foster Mom

Why did you decide to foster Matilda?
I have fostered for many years and had taken a break from fostering. But, when I saw Mattie’s photo in our fosters group I knew I had to help. Mangey pups are my weakness! Even though her skin looked a bit rough and she needed a few more good meals, she was so goofy and playful. She won me over and I told Jason to go get her!

Does Matilda have any nicknames?
Tillie & Mattie. Being able to call her “Mattie” was actually one of the reasons I named her Matilda, after our favorite QB, Matt Ryan.

How would you describe her in three words?
Energetic, Goofy, Friendly

What is Matilda’s favorite thing?
Food – without a doubt!

Describe Matilda’s perfect day:
It would start out around 7:00am with a big breakfast and a nice, long walk. A hike would be even better! Then, come inside for more treats and playtime with her toys. After a short nap, go play fetch outside and then snack on a bully stick. Matilda LOVES playing fetch and is pretty good at bringing the ball back, though she sometimes will also play keep-away with her ball! Some time relaxing in the sunshine before playing more with her friends, Mattie loves other dogs, and then it’s dinner time! After dinner, we would take another walk around the neighborhood before playing inside and then getting a peanut butter kong at bedtime.

Describe Matilda’s ideal family:
Matilda’s perfect home would be with an active family that is committed to providing her with exercise and continued training to help her become a confident, well-behaved girl. Having a person to take her running or hiking would be amazing! She doesn’t like rain AT ALL but she may like swimming. She would love another happy, playful dog in the family to run and play with so they can wear each other out and then go eat treats. She likes kids and will roll over to get her belly rubbed, but may be a bit too strong and enthusiastic for small children. She is definitely a big puppy and doesn’t know her own strength or size. She hasn’t been around cats but can be tested if an interested home may be a good fit.

Interested in making Matilda part of your family?
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