Adoptable Dog: Nugget

Meet Nugget!

By Jackie Britt, Foster Mom

Why did you decide to foster Nugget?
Nugget was one of three puppies that were dumped in an abandoned subdivision in Henry County. Because Henry County only adopts out to rescue groups, it was all puppies or none to rescue, so I jumped in to make sure we could take them all. Nugget was initially scared and timid, but has grown to have a loving and playful personality!

Does Nugget have any nicknames?
Nugget was a nickname that ended up sticking… he also responds to Nuggs, Snuggles, Snuggle Butt, & of course Chicken Nugget 🙂

How would you describe him in three words?
Snuggly (obviously), Athletic, Playful

What is Nugget’s favorite thing?
Fetching tennis balls, which sometimes turns in to chasing Nugget around the yard to retrieve said tennis balls… He’s a fast runner and can jump very high, he’d likely be a pro at an agility course!

Describe Nugget’s perfect day:
Wake up to a morning walk, followed by breakfast. Curl up on the couch next to you for the first of many naps. By lunch, he’s ready to play frisbee or fetch in the backyard followed by the afternoon nap. After chewing on a kong or nylabone, it’s time for dinner and drifting off to sleep in your lap while watching netflix.

Describe Nugget’s ideal family:
Nugget’s family will be need to be active (hiking, running, etc) to give him the exercise he needs. He is not used to being around very small kids (less than 7 years old), so he will need time and proper introduction on how to play with little ones. While he is used to playing with pibble siblings, he does not do well with cats.

Interested in making Nugget part of your family?
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See Beautiful: Friends to the Forlorn Pitbull Rescue Creates Beautiful From Unexpected Places

Written by Jordan Sutherlin for FTTF
Edited by Rachel McLeroy for See Beautiful

Forlorn: pitifully sad and abandoned or lonely.

The word forlorn isn’t one that you would to describe beauty. However, beauty from despair is exactly what Friends to the Forlorn Pitbull Rescue strives to create. FTTF was founded in 2009 after founder Jason Flatt learned the plight of the pit bull. Pit bulls are the breed that even dog lovers love to hate. These dogs are discriminated against, abused, discarded, and forgotten, but we seek to step in and change fate for these pups. Read more…

Adoptable Dog: Isabelle

Meet Isabelle!

By Samantha and Ben, Foster Mom and Dad

Why did you decide to foster Isabelle?
Her eyes got me… I knew taking on another foster would be a challenge with my already full house, but I saw her picture and knew I had to help.

Does Isabelle have any nicknames?

How would you describe her in three words?
Beautiful-eyed bouncy girl!

What is Isabelle’s favorite thing?
Her ball… She loves chasing it and chewing on it (thank goodness it’s heavy duty and holds up to that!)

Describe Isabelle’s perfect day:
A morning jog, followed by some ball chasing time. Breakfast (double portions, please!) would be next, then some more time in the backyard… After tiring out, a brief nap, then some belly rubs would be in order… Then it would be time to play outside some more.. maybe find some pine cones or sticks to play with. Then dinner time and bedtime! Gotta rest up to do it all over again. 🙂

Describe Isabelle’s ideal family:
Izzy would love an active family who will spend lots of time playing outside with her and give her belly rubs whenever she asks.

Interested in making Isabelle part of your family?
Visit our Adopt page to learn more about our adoption process and download our adoption application!

Seven Tips to End Your 4th of July Holiday with Ease and Calm

By Iris Grimm, Volunteer & Foster Mom, Professional Trainer – It’s Not the Dog

Imagine I take you to Six Flags Over Georgia and force you on one of the extreme roller coaster rides. You know, the ones where you see Facebook videos of people passing out. 😉 Now, some of you may be completely excited about this, some of you could care less and take it in stride. And some of you may get scared to death, cry, throw up, faint, or even run away before I could grab you, force you and strap you in the rollercoaster seat.

That may sound a bit extreme for you, but that is how some dogs feel when they hear the first fireworks in the early evening hours of July 4th or New Year’s Eve. Some dogs could care less and sleep right through it. But, there are a lot of dogs who get so scared that they either freeze, shake, hide, or run. Whether a dog feels completely calm or freaked out depends on many factors – genes, socialization, environment, and also lifestyle.

So before you get too excited about celebrating the independence of your country, let me share with you seven tips that allow you and your dog to have a good holiday experience.

1. A tired dog is a calmer dog
If you know that your dog freaks out during fireworks, I recommend you to take your dog on a good long walk in the early evening hours. The more tired your dog is, the less he will pay attention to his fears. You want to wait until the sun goes down or walk your dog in a shaded area or on the grassy area so you don’t have to go to your emergency vet due to overheating your dog. Physical exercise and mental stimulation are the best cures for many behavioral issues, including fear of fireworks.

2. Take your dog on potty breaks before the fireworks start
Of course, you don’t know when your neighbors start this (for me, senseless) activity, but you may want to time the moments when you take your dog for her last potty break for the night. If your dog can easily jump your fence or if you have a fenceless yard, I recommend you to keep your dog leashed. It just takes one loud bang near your house, and your dog can be so scared that he will run for his life and won’t listen to any of your commands.

3. Ensure your dog has his collar on with current tags
If your dog escapes your home and one of your neighbors find him, having a collar on will help them to reunite you quicker with your dog. If that is not the case, many people will call animal control. Once they pick up your dog, she will be taken to the shelter, an environment that is even more fearful and stressful. Losing a dog that doesn’t wear a collar is always more difficult to get back than a dog with a collar.

4. Let your dog settle on her own
If your dog starts pacing through the house or wants to hide under the bed, let her be. A lot of people communicate with their dogs with human psychology, and that makes the situation worse. They hug their dogs, they pet their dogs, they reaffirm the dog “it’s okay.” What they fail to realize is that they reinforce the fearful behavior and keep the dog trapped in anxiety. Instead, allow the dog to do what he wants to do. If he wants to hide in a corner of your home, let him be. If your dog paces, let him until he finds the spot where he feels safe. Animals in the wild will look for cozy and tight spots where they can hide and feel safe; that is exactly what your dog is looking for as well.

5. Keep your dogs separate
This tip only applies if you have dogs in the home that may not always get along or who have different energy levels. So for example, if you have one dog that is scared to death and the other could care less and just thinks about playing and having fun, I would recommend you to keep them in separate rooms for the night. During nights like this, your fearful dog will be stressed and will not have the patience to deal with another dog. A situation like this can easily escalate into a physical argument. If your other dog is pretty chill and obedient, this suggestion may not be necessary.

6. Medications, supplements, essential oils, and Thunder Shirts
There are now many commercial products on the market that have a calming effect on dogs. You can go to your vet and ask for a medication that will knock your dog out – but, remember, you should only give medications under veterinarian direction. There are also many homeopathic and natural products available that calm your dog down. Just Google them and read their reviews. One of the latest products that can decrease anxiety are CBD oils (cannabinoid oils), but you want to ensure they come from a reputable distributor. Some people are able to calm their dogs down by fitting them in a Thunder Shirt. Using natural essential oils such as lavender can also be helpful to create a calming environment. As you can see, there are plenty of resources out there; you just have to find the one that works best for your pooch.

7. Stay at home
I know there are some people who don’t like to make too many compromises for their dogs, but they will lose all the fun of the evening when they come home to a destructed home, a hurt dog who tried to escape a crate, or a dog who ran away from the pet sitter’s home. That’s why I recommend people who have a noise-sensitive dog stay at home to ensure they can keep their dogs safe.

Fireworks are an inevitable evil of a luxury society. We can’t avoid them, but we have several options to make them bearable for our dogs. I wish you and your canines a happy, healthy, and stress-free holiday!

Iris Grimm –