My Pitbull Pride

By Jason Flatt

Some call me an angel but I’ll never take flight.
My breed of dog is a pitbull, it’s for them I am going to fight.

My opponents are many and the battlefields are vast.
The odds are stacked against me, I never retreat, I hold fast.

I will fight the fight on every front I know.
Hand out beatings educationally, teaching until they are in the know.

I suffered some losses, but I don’t step back.
I keep pressing forward and just alter my attack.

I am armed with passion and carry commitment on my side.
Buckle up your seat belts, it’s gonna be a wild ride.

I put spotlights on, not rights, and give light to those in the dark.
I fight with an eternal flame, while they do battle with a spark.

Theres no quit in me, that’s not what I am made of.
Forget the pitbulls…I’m what you should really be afraid of.

You will have to kill me to stop me.
Not even your best shots could drop me.

My heart is somewhat golden and there’s steel in my chin.
You keep your fight on the outside, where mine is from deep within.

My compassion and patience does not make me weak.
Where I come from we don’t just turn the other cheek.

I stand my ground and hold my position.
I’ll preach my pitbull gospel until the congregation listens.

You will find me on the front lines, until I die.
Fighting for my breed, you can’t take my pitbull pride.


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