Adoptable Dog: Nugget

Meet Nugget!

By Jackie Britt, Foster Mom

Why did you decide to foster Nugget?
Nugget was one of three puppies that were dumped in an abandoned subdivision in Henry County. Because Henry County only adopts out to rescue groups, it was all puppies or none to rescue, so I jumped in to make sure we could take them all. Nugget was initially scared and timid, but has grown to have a loving and playful personality!

Does Nugget have any nicknames?
Nugget was a nickname that ended up sticking… he also responds to Nuggs, Snuggles, Snuggle Butt, & of course Chicken Nugget 🙂

How would you describe him in three words?
Snuggly (obviously), Athletic, Playful

What is Nugget’s favorite thing?
Fetching tennis balls, which sometimes turns in to chasing Nugget around the yard to retrieve said tennis balls… He’s a fast runner and can jump very high, he’d likely be a pro at an agility course!

Describe Nugget’s perfect day:
Wake up to a morning walk, followed by breakfast. Curl up on the couch next to you for the first of many naps. By lunch, he’s ready to play frisbee or fetch in the backyard followed by the afternoon nap. After chewing on a kong or nylabone, it’s time for dinner and drifting off to sleep in your lap while watching netflix.

Describe Nugget’s ideal family:
Nugget’s family will be need to be active (hiking, running, etc) to give him the exercise he needs. He is not used to being around very small kids (less than 7 years old), so he will need time and proper introduction on how to play with little ones. While he is used to playing with pibble siblings, he does not do well with cats.

Interested in making Nugget part of your family?
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