Adoptable Dog: Brady!

Meet Brady!

By Stephen & Tawni, Foster Mom and Dad

Why did you decide to foster Brady?
He was on the euthanasia list, but Tawni and I had previously met him and knew he was loving and gentle so we decided to bring him home.

Does Brady have any nicknames?
Patron (original name), Brady Boy, Buddy and Bubba

How would you describe him in three words?
Snuggler, Loyal, goofy

What is Brady’s favorite thing?

Describe Brady’s perfect day:
Sleep in, eat a special kibble and egg breakfast, go for a long walk, nap, swim, chase a ball or play tug, nap, get the zoomies and run in the yard, play with a doggie friend, nap, eat dinner with some kind of meat on top, snuggle.

Describe Brady’s ideal family:
Brady would do well with a dog friend that can match him in his medium size and energy level. He would be best with a family that has teenage children, but no cats. He loves to hike, swim and play and most of all snuggle. He is a delicate little soul that wants to please his people and also loves to learn new skills.

Interested in making Brady part of your family?
Visit our Adopt page to learn more about our adoption process and download our adoption application!