Adoptable Dog: Mr. Bingley

Meet Mr. Bingley!

By Katherine King, Foster Mom

Why did you decide to foster Mr. Bingley?
Mr. Bingley and his brother Mr. Darcy were in dire need of a home. Their mommy had to flee the state due to a domestic abuse situation. They were taken in temporarily by a friend who could not keep them long term. Mr. Bingley had to sleep outside and use a very small dog house with his brother. I immediately felt the need to help these sweet boys find a furever home. Mr. Bingley is a little sponge who is eager to learn and please foster mom. He sleeps in his crate, goes to the door to tell me he has to potty. He will make a wonderful pet for someone.

Does Mr. Bingley have any nicknames?
Sweet boy, Bingley-Boo

How would you describe him in three words?
Loving, intense and shy

What is Mr. Bingley’s favorite thing?
Mr. Bingley loves to take walks outside with his big brother (he is very active) and he loves to get cookies from foster mommy.

Describe Mr. Bingley’s perfect day:
Mr Bingley loves to run outside! He would love to run a lot, get treats and snuggle with his owner.

Describe Mr. Bingley’s ideal family:
Mr. Bingley needs an active family, he has the energy and intelligence of a border collie. He is friendly to all people he meets, but he does possess some of the herding instincts of the Border collie, so small children could be herded if he is not properly exercised. He needs a family who will give him lots of love and attention, he thrives on it. He will make an excellent pet and companion to the perfect family.

Interested in making Mr. Bingley part of your family?
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