Adoptable Dog: Mr. Darcy

Meet Mr. Darcy!

By Katherine King, Foster Mom

Why did you decide to foster Mr. Darcy?
I decided to foster Mr. Darcy and his brother Mr. Bingley when a friend put an urgent plea on Facebook for a home for these boys. Mr. Darcy was literally days from being taken to a shelter that was full. I took one look at their picture and said, “I can’t keep them furever (haha) but I can love them until they found a permanent home.”

Does Mr. Darcy have any nicknames?
Sweet boy, Darcy baby.

How would you describe Mr. Darcy in three words?
Spunky, loving and smart.

What is Mr. Darcy’s favorite thing?
Mr. Darcy loves to wrestle with his brother Mr. Bingley and he LOVES to take walks.

Describe Mr. Darcy’s perfect day:
Mr. Darcy is a really sweet boy who loves snuggles and playing with his toys (his favorite is his squeaky hamburger). Every day Mr. Darcy looks forward to his walk, play time and of course, nap time… So basically every day is perfect with this sweet boy.

Describe Mr. Darcy’s ideal family:
Mr. Darcy needs an active family who loves to walk and hike. He is a border collie lab mix, which means he is very intelligent, needs stimulation and regular exercise. Border collies are better for families who are not novice dog owners, but they are great with plenty of space to run and play. So if you like to exercise, cuddle and want a very loyal companion Mr. Darcy is the puppy for you!

Interested in making Mr. Darcy part of your family?
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