Adoptable Dog: Henry!

Meet Henry!

By Morgan Jones, Foster Mom

Why did you decide to foster Henry?
Henry’s former foster family with the rescue was downsizing and Henry needed a new foster home. He met my dog, Mia, and they were instant friends. I have never met a dog who is so snuggly. He has so much love to give and he never stops pouring it out. His goal is to please his hoomans and be a good boy.

Does Henry have any nicknames?
Hen and Henny

How would you describe him in three words?
Goofy, Loving, Obedient

What is Henry’s favorite thing?
Snuggling with humans

Describe Henry’s perfect day:
Henry’s ideal day would start with plenty of sleep and snuggles. Once fully rested, he would love to go on an adventure with his human and doggy family to a park. After that perhaps more napping and snuggling. Post nap, some sunbathing and bone chewing. More napping. Then some dinner. After dinner? That’s right, more snuggles.

Describe Henry’s ideal family:
As long as my family has hoomans, I will be a happy guy as I just cant stop loving them. I love them from sun up to sun down. I would prefer a fur sibling but if I am exercised hoomans will likely be enough for me. I would love a hooman who understands me and sees how special of a guy I am. I would like for the hoomans to let me snuggle with them on the couches and beds. I like to give kisses so the hoomans must be okay with my loving nature.

Interested in making Henry part of your family?
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