Adoptable Dog: Calvin

Meet Calvin!

By Morgan, Foster Mom

Why did you decide to foster Calvin?
Calvin found himself in Henry County Animal Services which does not adopt out bully breeds. The shelter workers described him as a calm and collected guy in his run as he kept it clean and was quiet. He also showed off his sit, shake and lay skills to them. I stepped up as he obviously was abandoned by his previous humans when they were evicted and he needed new humans to save his life.

Does Calvin have any nicknames?

How would you describe Calvin in three words?
Affectionate, intuitive and bright

What is Calvin’s favorite thing?
Being with his hoomans… preferably snuggled next to you.

Describe Calvin’s perfect day:

Being with the hoomans all day doing whatever they are doing. If the hoomans want to…

Hike, I shall go anywhere with you

Walk, I shall explore

Nap, I shall curl up next to you

Watch tv, sports, This is Us, etc

House chores, I shall assist

Visit other hoomans and/or dogs, off we go

I do whatever you do hoomans as being with you is ultimate happiness

Describe Calvin’s ideal family:
A hooman or hoomans that can spend time loving on me as it makes my soul happy. You can see it in my body and face that I melt when I am with my hoomans as I feel safe and loved.

What my foster family wants others to know about me?

  • I likely was hit by hoomans in the past so I am a sensitive guy. As a result, I am looking for a forever family who will protect me from harm and mean hoomans.
  • I use my front paw like a hand. I will reach out while snuggling next to you to wrap it around your arm or lay across you. I also use it at times when I need to get your attention.
  • I sit like a good boy when I know I am going on a walk or adventure so you can put my harness on.
  • I have piercing eyes so I can capture hoomans with my love spell.

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Adoptable Dog: Dot

Meet Dot!

By Rebecca Sorrel, Foster Mom

Why did you decide to foster Dot?
Dot was a black adult pit bull who found herself in Henry County animal control. This animal control does not adopt pit bulls out to the public and is very particular about which rescues they work with. The odds were not in Dot’s favor to make it out of the pound alive being a pit bull, much less a black adult one. Dot was severally emaciated and had some skin problems; she needed Friends to the Forlorn badly.

Does Dot have any nicknames?
Doooot, Doot-a-rot-a-me, baby girl, rotten, and booger face

How would you describe her in three words?
Loving, bubbly and precious

What is Dot’s favorite thing?
Dot LOVES to cuddle. She is the world’s greatest snuggler. At a very close second, she loves running laps in the backyard with one of our other dog’s Hudson who is a greyhound mix, so there is a good bit of running. She has the biggest smile on her face when they are running around.

Describe Dot’s perfect day:
Dot’s perfect day would start by 7 am because is an early riser. She would eat breakfast with her doggy siblings, and then be ready for playtime #1. Playtime #1 would consist of Dot and her doggy sibling running laps in the backyard since it would be cool in the morning (the cool temps make them all frisky). Then, she would come in for her morning nap on the couch with her human for a couple of hours. Afterwards, Dot would be ready to knock out a couple of episodes on Netflix. Then, Dot would be ready for playtime #2 which would probably involve more wrestling than running. Then, she would want to go for a little walk in the neighborhood to enjoy the afternoon sunshine and breeze. After the walk, Dot would be ready for more cuddling until dinner time around 5 pm. After dinner time, Dot is usually ready to hunker down chew on a bone while the humans eat and clean the kitchen. Then, it would be time to cuddle while watching the human’s evening tv show. One last potty break for the girl and she would be good to cuddle up with her person in bed (under the covers of course)!

Describe Dot’s ideal family:
Dot is an amazing dog that gets along great with her foster doggy and kitty siblings. She does not live in a home with children but has been very sweet when meeting them. Dot’s ideal family would have another dog that wants to play and for the family to go for afternoon or evening walks. Unfortunately Dot gets carsick pretty easily, so she is more of a homebody that likes to go on local adventures in the neighborhood. She would love a family that would let her cuddle with them. She’s a sensitive girl that craves human interaction.

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Adoptable Dog: Henry!

Meet Henry!

By Morgan Jones, Foster Mom

Why did you decide to foster Henry?
Henry’s former foster family with the rescue was downsizing and Henry needed a new foster home. He met my dog, Mia, and they were instant friends. I have never met a dog who is so snuggly. He has so much love to give and he never stops pouring it out. His goal is to please his hoomans and be a good boy.

Does Henry have any nicknames?
Hen and Henny

How would you describe him in three words?
Goofy, Loving, Obedient

What is Henry’s favorite thing?
Snuggling with humans

Describe Henry’s perfect day:
Henry’s ideal day would start with plenty of sleep and snuggles. Once fully rested, he would love to go on an adventure with his human and doggy family to a park. After that perhaps more napping and snuggling. Post nap, some sunbathing and bone chewing. More napping. Then some dinner. After dinner? That’s right, more snuggles.

Describe Henry’s ideal family:
As long as my family has hoomans, I will be a happy guy as I just cant stop loving them. I love them from sun up to sun down. I would prefer a fur sibling but if I am exercised hoomans will likely be enough for me. I would love a hooman who understands me and sees how special of a guy I am. I would like for the hoomans to let me snuggle with them on the couches and beds. I like to give kisses so the hoomans must be okay with my loving nature.

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Adoptable Dog: Brady!

Meet Brady!

By Stephen & Tawni, Foster Mom and Dad

Why did you decide to foster Brady?
He was on the euthanasia list, but Tawni and I had previously met him and knew he was loving and gentle so we decided to bring him home.

Does Brady have any nicknames?
Patron (original name), Brady Boy, Buddy and Bubba

How would you describe him in three words?
Snuggler, Loyal, goofy

What is Brady’s favorite thing?

Describe Brady’s perfect day:
Sleep in, eat a special kibble and egg breakfast, go for a long walk, nap, swim, chase a ball or play tug, nap, get the zoomies and run in the yard, play with a doggie friend, nap, eat dinner with some kind of meat on top, snuggle.

Describe Brady’s ideal family:
Brady would do well with a dog friend that can match him in his medium size and energy level. He would be best with a family that has teenage children, but no cats. He loves to hike, swim and play and most of all snuggle. He is a delicate little soul that wants to please his people and also loves to learn new skills.

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